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Time to Eat- Violets, Chickweed, and Dandelions!

Spring is coming fast here in the southeast, and healthy plants are popping up all over our yard!  Three of my favorite free spring edibles are violets, chickweed, and dandelion.  Sometimes I wonder why we bother growing lettuce when we … Continue reading

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How to Make Sage Honey for Sore Throats

Winter is coming, and I’m starting to make my usual winter remedies to keep on hand in case sickness strikes our home. Sage honey is one of the things my kids beg for when they have sore throats, and it … Continue reading

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Preparing a raspberry patch

I’m getting ready to transplant my raspberries to a permanent and dedicated raspberry patch, but first I need to prepare it properly. Here is an excellent article I found that covers all the basics- bed preparation, fertilization, trellising, pruning, and … Continue reading

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The Many Values of Harvesting Your Own Food

The other day we had a windy night and my kids and I were excited to find a decent drop of pecans under our pecan tree the next morning.  I hadn’t expected to get anything from our pecan tree this … Continue reading

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Eating For 3 and Squash Chips

We are expecting another baby to join our family early next spring, so I find myself eating for 3 now… Me, the baby inside, and my 8 month old who is still nursing. Aside from being tired and queasy much … Continue reading

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Time To Eat- Wild Blackberries!

It is May 20th, and my wild blackberry bushes are bursting with fruit!  Our domestic blackberries may not ripen for another few weeks, but meanwhile we can enjoy some delicious and extra healthy wild ones. If you choose to pick … Continue reading

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Time To Eat- Strawberries!

It is May 10th, and if you live in the southern United States it is time to pick some delicious STRAWBERRIES!  Our local strawberry patch has been open for “you pick” since April 8th, and they only last til the … Continue reading

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