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Lovely Lasagna

My sister, Rachel, has this amazing recipe for lasagna, which is very similar to the lasagna we grew up with our mom making, but with the addition of herbs and different cheeses to make it even more tasty!  I haven’t … Continue reading

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Eating For 3 and Squash Chips

We are expecting another baby to join our family early next spring, so I find myself eating for 3 now… Me, the baby inside, and my 8 month old who is still nursing. Aside from being tired and queasy much … Continue reading

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Tummy Soothing Wholesome Jello

I came across a wonderful, healing jello recipe!  No artificial colors or flavors, just wholesome, gut healing goodness. =) The original recipe I found is flexible, and sounds pretty good, but I wasn’t sure my kids would go for tangy … Continue reading

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Life On The Farm

Our newest little bundle of joy is now 6 weeks old and since I’m starting to get some of my pre-pregnancy energy back, I think it’s time for a much needed update on some things I’ve been doing during the … Continue reading

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Pregnancy update

I am sorry I didn’t get that update in a week after my last post about morning sickness.  It took a while to truly overcome the morning sickness, and even after I started feeling better my energy level was still … Continue reading

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Morning Sickness

Pregnancies are hard for me. I am usually a pretty high energy person and I like to do things myself and help other people do things as well. I don’t like feeling sick and tired. Not one bit. So when … Continue reading

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