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Burnt Banana Pancakes

So I made banana pancakes this morning, and while I was cooking them, I heard the baby crying and went to take care of her.  I thought I could leave the pancakes cooking on low and they would be fine, … Continue reading

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Wild Violets Recipes

Originally posted on Just another Day on the Farm:
There are folks that consider these weeds as they freely grow in my local area, so I would consider them a “wild” harvestable food. The perk of this, is that you…

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Stress Free Homemaking Tips!!

I just watched this great, free video about the secret to stress free laundry!  Okay, this might not sound super exciting if you are not a mother of small children who feels almost constantly overwhelmed by piles of housework, but … Continue reading

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Garden 2015- Radish

Originally posted on Just another Day on the Farm:
Ok, I need to get back into the swing of things on the blog,  and I really! need to do a this and that post cause there are so many new…

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How To Store Fresh Eggs

Here is a great little article on why we need to store eggs with the pointy end down.  It’s great to have the science behind why we are supposed to do certain things.  It also covers why you don’t want … Continue reading

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What Is The Cost Of Quality Food?

I got some Earth’s Best Organic baby food squeezable pouches for 89 cents today at the discount grocery store, woohoo!  Those will be great for Shoshanna when we are traveling this summer.  I love a good deal as much as … Continue reading

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Update on Makeshift Cold Frame

Just a quick update on that makeshift strawbale cold frame I wrote about a few weeks ago… The bad news is my tomatoes I had planted inside it died.  I’m actually not sure if they got too cold or too … Continue reading

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