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Delicious Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe

I can’t believe I haven’t shared our favorite recipe for chocolate zucchini bread yet! We have been using this recipe since we started cooking egg and milk free when Filip was a baby, and is still our family favorite.  Most … Continue reading

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The Many Values of Harvesting Your Own Food

The other day we had a windy night and my kids and I were excited to find a decent drop of pecans under our pecan tree the next morning.  I hadn’t expected to get anything from our pecan tree this … Continue reading

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Time To Eat- Apples! (Plus a delicious apple dip recipe)

We are deep into apple season as we approach October 1st, and loving it!  Our little apple tree only produced about a dozen apples this year, but I am blessed to have neighbor who works in his friend’s apple orchard … Continue reading

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Eating For 3 and Squash Chips

We are expecting another baby to join our family early next spring, so I find myself eating for 3 now… Me, the baby inside, and my 8 month old who is still nursing. Aside from being tired and queasy much … Continue reading

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Mom’s Simply Amazing Ice Cream Recipe

My mom has this lovely way of simplifying a recipe until it is so basic you could practically make it with your eyes closed, yet making it taste better and better with each ingredient she eliminates.  This ice cream recipe … Continue reading

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Time to Eat- Lamb’s Quarters!

I’ve been noticing a little plant called Lamb’s Quarters popping up all over my yard this spring, and I’m super excited about it!  One reason I’m excited is because Lamb’s Quarters love fertile soil, so the increase of its appearance … Continue reading

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Burnt Banana Pancakes

So I made banana pancakes this morning, and while I was cooking them, I heard the baby crying and went to take care of her.  I thought I could leave the pancakes cooking on low and they would be fine, … Continue reading

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