Hi, I’m Becca.  My family and I recently moved to a 10 acre piece of land which we are planning to transform into a working homestead/farm where we can raise our children with clean air, clean food, and lots of amazing experiences.  I’ve been learning so much along the way, I just had to share the journey, and I hope it helps and encourages you.

I’m so thankful to my husband, John, for challenging me to start a blog and encouraging me to keep posting even when I think I’m too busy, and for teaching me all the little technical parts of blogging.  I love you John!

I’m thankful for my beautiful children- teaching me to enjoy every minute of life, and to take time to play and sing and dance.

I’m thankful for my family and friends who deal with allergies and issues of life right along with me, and offer so many ideas and insights to keep me striving for the best for my family.

Most of all, I’m thankful to my creator and sustainer, Jesus Christ, who gives me grace which I desperately need to make it through each day, and gives my whole life meaning and significance.


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