New Birth on the Farm

We have been blessed with some new little ones on our farm!  One of our hens showed up two days ago with 4 tiny chicks at her side!  These are the first baby animals to be born on our farm, and they were born with absolutely no help from us.  In fact, we hadn’t been able to find the mama hen since we got back from our Christmas trip, and I assumed she was gone for good, so this is a double blessing- to have a good hen back, and to have 4 new chicks for our flock!

I still don’t know where she hid to hatch her babies, but we’ve done our best to set up a safe place with food and water that she can use if she chooses.  I’m afraid to intervene much since she’s doing such a great job mothering, but I do have concerns, both with the cold nights we’ve been having, and the predators in the area.  During the day, we (my kids and I) play or work near our sweet hen (her name is Black Beauty by the way, and she is a Black Australorp I believe), and make sure none of our other animals bother her- especially the cats.  She has a pasture and a chicken tractor all to herself, but the ducks, geese, and cats have been very curious, and the cats easily climb over or slip through all of our fences.  We are hoping and praying she and her little ones make it!

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