After buying colloidal silver for the last few years at over a dollar per ounce, I’ve finally decided to start making my own at home with this LifeForce Compact EZ-2 Colloidal Silver Generator Package I found on Amazon.  My Mom has been making her own colloidal silver for about a year with a set up she made herself, so I know it can be done, and I have used some of the colloidal silver she made, so I know it’s safe.  I chose to buy the kit because I know that I would just take too long to get around to setting up anything more complicated, and I need to get started with making my own colloidal silver.  The great things about this kit are that it costs only $20 more than buying a 32 ounce bottle of premade colloidal silver, and it can make 32 ounces of silver in 32 minutes.  I love to know that exact time because I have a history of forgetting what I’m doing while all my little ones are running around, so I can just set a timer and shut off the unit when the time is up!  I’m also purchasing this handy tester so that I can test to make sure the colloidal silver has the correct silver concentration that I’m looking for.  (UPDATE: this tester does not work for testing colloidal silver content after all.  I’m leaving the link to it in this post because I don’t want you to be confused about it as I was.  I read a review on Amazon that said the person was using it to test their colloidal silver, but perhaps they were not using distilled water and were just getting a reading from their tap water.)  I plan to review these items after using them for a few months, but felt that I should get these links out now since we are at the height of flu season, and you just might want to start making your own colloidal silver too!


UPDATE 1/9/16:  I made my first batch of colloidal silver today!  It was very easy- I just poured distilled water into a clean mason jar, used the thermometer provided to check the temperature (which was a little cooler than the optimal 72-82 degrees, so I stuck the jar in a pan of warm water to heat up for a bit), then used the plastic scrubber in the kit to rub the shiny coating off the silver wires and snapped the wires into the positive and negative ports on the little machine.  When the water was at 82 degrees, I set the machine on top of the jar with the wires in the water, plugged it in, and set the timer for the amount of time specified on the chart in the instructions.  It seemed to work just fine, though I’m not totally sure how to test the silver to be absolutely sure it has the amount of silver in it that I’d like.  The instructions note that you can’t use a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter to test the PPM of the silver because the silver is suspended in the water, rather than dissolved.  So, while it’s still fun to test our other drinking water (which, by the way, has a very low TDS count and therefore should be highly efficient at hydrating our cells), the TDS meter I mentioned above measures 0.0 when I put it in my colloidal silver made with distilled water.

Now, a note on the colloidal silver generator I bought.  I really like it’s simplicity, and the fact that everything you need, right down to the plastic stirring spoon, is all together in a nice little clear plastic storage bag with a zipper.  However, the same company sells a “barebones” package that is probably a better value.  It’s $55 rather than $69 and contains only the machine, instructions, and silver wires.  You can choose to get lower gauge (thicker) wires in this kit for a few more dollars as well.  The thicker wires cut down on the amount of time it takes to make a given amount of colloidal silver due to their greater surface area.  They also last longer.  This kit does not contain the plastic stirring spoon, plastic scrubber (it’s a green pad like you would use to scrub a pot in your kitchen), timer, bag, or thermometer.  However, most people have these things in their home, so if you don’t mind gathering them up for your silver making adventure, you could save a little cash by getting the barebones silver generator.

Note: The links in this blog post are affiliate links.  This is my first time trying the Amazon Affiliate program, and I’m interested to see how it works.  Thanks for your support if you choose to buy through these links. 

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