Time To Eat- Blueberries!

It’s June 8 and the blueberries are ready to pick!  If you are not excited about blueberries you probably never eaten them right off the bush.   I have never tasted a “fresh” blueberry from the supermarket that has anywhere near the flavor and texture of the blueberry from the bush and frozen blueberries don’t even hold a candle to a fresh-picked blueberry.   Not only do they taste amazing, but they cost quite a bit less than buying by the pint in the store-  in fact, with my local prices they are less than half the price of blueberries in the store!  We all know that blueberries are packed full of great antioxidants, but you may not realize that antioxidants start breaking down from the moment the food is picked until it is eaten. Therefore, it is best to eat the fruit straight off the bush, and you can only do that if you are picking it!

I highly recommend asking your local farm about their growing practices. You can often find one that uses beyond organic methods without being certified organic, which keeps costs lower for them and for you.  Picking blueberries with your kids can be a fun adventure and a really fun way to spend your summer days.   Most blueberry farms let you eat as much as you want while you’re picking so of course you DO want to bring your kids so they can eat all the blueberries they want!  My  kids love blueberry picking!  They also love hiding in the bushes and dancing in the rows while I pick.  But most of all they love eating blueberries fresh from the bush.  I recommend picking early in the morning or in the evening after it’s cooled off a little.  Make sure you bring bug spray especially if you’re picking in the evening.

Our favorite way to eat blueberry is fresh out of hand, but they are also delicious with sour cream or yogurt or ice cream or of course you can make blueberry cobbler or pie or yummy smoothies.   Another great thing about blueberries is that they store very well in the refrigerator.  I’ve kept mine unwashed in just the plastic grocery bag the blueberry farm sends them home in for over two weeks without them going bad.  You  can also put them in freezer bags in the freezer to keep for winter treats without any extra preparation.

So what are you waiting for?  Go pick some blueberries!


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