Garden 2015- Radish

I couldn’t cover radishes better than this! I tried roasted radishes last year, and they are AWESOME! Sauteed radish greens are amazing too! It’s almost impossible to find radish greens in the store, and radishes and radish seed can be pretty pricey, but growing them is so quick and easy, you just have to try it!

Just another Day on the Farm

Ok, I need to get back into the swing of things on the blog,  and I really! need to do a this and that post cause there are so many new little things happening..  however I also want to get back to writing about a single subject at times..


Today we are going to talk about radish..  O yes, it seems so lowly.. but its not.. its a plant that just keeps on giving and we are in major expanding mode on it to boot..  I think it will be easier to break it down into parts..

1) One of the earliest things to be planted in the gardens, right along side the first spring peas but will be certain to get a harvest sooner.. Planted though out the whole growing season, they will do well, can be used as a marker system for slow to sprout seeds, by the…

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