Pregnancy update

I am sorry I didn’t get that update in a week after my last post about morning sickness.  It took a while to truly overcome the morning sickness, and even after I started feeling better my energy level was still very low until this past week.  I’m not up to my usual energetic self, but definitely am feeling more like myself and my energy level is pretty good for being pregnant. =)  I did try several of the ideas to help with morning sickness that I mentioned in my last post and I wanted to post a little update as promised, even if it is late.

1. Eat regularly and eat plenty of protein.  I was struggling with that due to my nausea and lack of energy to prepare foods, but it does definitely help.  Eating balanced meals is especially helpful for me.  I was blessed with yummy balanced meals made by my mom every day while we visited my family for two weeks, and I started feeling pretty decent while I was there.  I’ve been doing a better job of eating a balanced diet at home now that we have fresh produce from our garden and nearby farms to enjoy.
2. Get plenty of B6 and B12.  This definitely helped with my energy level.  I started taking B vitamin gummy vitamins, which are probably not the best, but are easy and do seem to help me.
3. Get plenty of vitamin D from the sun.  Yup, this still helps!  Though I can’t stand to be out in the heat of the day so I’m actually probably getting less vitamin D than I was before.
4. Get plenty of magnesium.  I’ve been using oil of magnesium on my skin and it seems to help quite a bit.  If I go a few days without it I sometimes start to feel a little nauseas, but as long as I use it at least every other day I generally feel good.  It does feel almost prickly on my skin when I put it on for some reason, but the bottle says that’s normal, and I find that it’s worth it!
5. Use Rescue Remedy to help when nausea hits.  I think it worked when I did this one time, but I usually forget and skip right to peppermint oil when I’m feeling sick to my stomach.
6. Drink peppermint, ginger, and red raspberry leaf tea.  I find that I do feel better all around when I drink red raspberry leaf tea, but I often forget about it in the midst of chasing kids and keeping up with everything around the house.  I’m planning to make a big pitcher of it so I can just drink it cold any time.
7. Relax your kidneys by lying on your back with your feet up against a wall.  I do feel good when I remember to do this.
8. Eat dandelion or drink dandelion tea to help cleanse your liver.  I haven’t gotten around to this one yet, but I do try to drink lemon water to cleanse my liver every so often and it is refreshing and yummy in addition to cleansing.
9. Eat oatmeal.  I have been staying away from grains mostly since they tend to make me feel bloated.  I need to look into soaking oats and trying a little oatmeal soon.
10. Eat or take Alfalfa.  My preferred method of ingesting alfalfa is eating alfalfa sprouts, and I feel good when I eat them, but I am having a hard time keeping up with sprouting right now.  Maybe I will take some alfalfa supplements until I get better at juggling things.

So that’s my update.  The nausea is gone for the most part, perhaps because I’m now in my second trimester, perhaps because of my lifestyle changes, but for whatever reason, I am thankful!  My hormones seem to be much more balanced now, which is very helpful too, and I’m sure contributes to my feeling better and having a little more energy.  Now I just need to remember to spend my new energy wisely because I know I’ll be slowing down again as I gain more weight in the third trimester.
I hope this is helpful to someone out there.  I’ll try to put more recipes and projects up soon.


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One Response to Pregnancy update

  1. millysell says:

    Hi, congratulations on your pregnancy … and happy news that the 2nd trimester is bringing an end to the morning sickness. I’m just into the 3rd … and definitely starting to feel the slow down. For what it’s worth for me being outdoors on my bike helps when I feel a bit low energy but I’m pretty sure everyone’s completely different!
    Good luck & good health.

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