Sorry I haven’t added anything helpful in a while. I’ve been working on a post that chronicles my journey through dealing with my childrens’ allergies in the last 3 years, but it’s taking me too long to finish so I just wanted to write about the latest development today. My oldest daughter, Naomi, is five and up until this past year, she was my one kid with no food allergies, even though she was a rather picky eater from the time she turned two. Some of her favorite foods are yogurt, cheesy spinach dip, and brownie bites. Over the past 9 months she has slowly developed a full body rash. It started on her legs, and I thought it was just eczema, so I put some coconut oil on it when she would let me and continued trying to find foods my other kids could eat that Naomi would eat. The rash would come and go, then come back and spread a little, then disappear again, and I couldn’t put my finger on the cause of the irritation. I removed dairy, eggs, and even gluten from her diet, but to no avail. I finally took her to a doctor known for dealing with food allergies to see if he could help us. He was extremely concerned about the rash and wanted to clear the rash with antibiotics after a week of increased calcium and mineral supplements didn’t effect noticeable change. I started her on the antibiotics with a heavy heart, only because I was exhausted and didn’t know of anything else to do, but after a few days on the antibiotic Naomi broke out in hives, so we discontinued the medicine, and the doctor told me to bring in all the foods Naomi has been eating. I brought in every single ingredient of every single food I could think of that she would eat, or wanted to eat, and the doctor did something called muscle testing to find out which foods were helpful for Naomi and which foods were harmful for her. I don’t understand exactly how muscle testing works, but I do know that he was correct about which foods were harmful for Naomi. He told me to remove eggs, milk, dates, coconut, craisens, raisens, and olive oil from her diet and to be careful about giving her coconut oil and cocoa. The milk and eggs were already out for the most part, but I had been cooking with olive and coconut oil every day, not to mention that dates and coconut are the main ingredients in those yummy brownie bites that were a staple in our home, and craisens and raisens are our easy go-to snacks of choice. I have been almost totally consistent about keeping all these foods out of Naomi’s diet and she has improved dramatically.
So, it turns out that it is certainly possible to become sensitive to a “hypoallergenic” food like coconut. I had this mental block about considering that as an allergy simply because I had read that it was a “safe” food.
All of this was hard for me to take, but I am so thankful to know what was causing my little girl’s problem and to see her getting better every day now. I’m praying for complete healing and freedom from these allergies, but in the meantime, I press on, not because I am someone special, but because I have no choice. I will continue to strive to create healthy meals for my family, even if those meals often end up being hamburgers and honey bread. I am slightly discouraged right now, and my creativity is low, and I’m not doing as much cooking as I should be, but God is still good and I will press on.
If you have any simple recipes to share, I’d appreciate them immensely!

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One Response to Discouragement

  1. Mom says:

    Hang in there Becca. Make sure that you are getting the rest that you need. Which will in turn help you to deal with all the allergy issues. Luv ya.

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